Communauté de communes
du Val d'Oust
et de Lanvaux



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Political Organisation of territory

The Country

A country is a human size community, with a consistent land and common ambitions.
Since the French 2001 Voynet Act, "countries" have gained impetus. Britanny is one of the French Regions which consists of countries only. Europe, the State, the Region and the Departement are all standing against the project structures with the aim of delegating missions and means of actions. On the other side elected members decide to get together in order to carry out common project.

The PIoërmel-Coeur de Bretagne "country" is made of 58 cities and 2 communities of cities. There are 72,000 inhabitants.

Communities of cities

The PIoërmel-Coeur de Bretagne "country" covers 2 communities of cities. Communities of cities consist of a group of cities which decide to share skills end range of qualifications (selective sorting of garbage, economic development, cultural activities...)


As a citizen from the EEC, you can register on the electoral list of tour city. You must have been living in France at least for 6 months. This inscription allows you to participate to two types of elections: local and European elections. For local elections, you need to ask for form "A2M" at the "Mairie" (Town Hall). As a citizen from the EEC, you cannot apply for the Mayor or Mayor deputy position, but you can still apply for local elections in your home country. To vote for European elections, you need to ask the "Mairie" for form "A2E". A special vote card will be issued for each election. For the application to be valid, the voter must not be registered in any other city in France and cannot vote in the European elections others than in France.
The voter must not be deprived of right of vote in his/her home country.