Communauté de communes
du Val d'Oust
et de Lanvaux


Social and Family Life

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Family allowance centre

Whatever your nationality is, you can benefit from family allowance. You have to prove that you and your children live in France on a permanent basis.

The family allowance centre can provide allowances in 8 fields:

  • birth or adoption
  • childcare (employing a child-minder, care within the home, or an allowance for the parent to stay at home to look after the child).
  • children
  • at the beginning of a school year
  • the accommodation (help toward paying the house, moving home, Improving the home).
  • single parents
  • handicapped child or adult
  • Income support As well as the allowance given, the family allowance centre are active socially to help families in their day-to-day life. In this way, it can help in the field of young children, housing, education, debts, social life, leisure and holidays.

Social Action Centre

In every town, the CCAS (Communal Centre of Social Action in French) will help you in filling out legal, official or informal help forms: requests for housing, RMI pension (minimum unemployment income), "AAH" pension (handicapped adult subsidy), financial help, emergency housing...
The Social Action Centre "Centre intercommunal d'Action Sociale" In Ploërmel is the first one in the Morbihan Area. It was created upon request of the members elected in the Cities Community, its purposes are as follows:

  • For elderly people, "bringing lunch at home" services, temporary home for elderly and handicapped people. Supporting associations dealing with home and care services.
  • Children: children home, daily care services, nannies, leisure centers during vacations and Wednesdays.
  • Social help for the employed and beneficiaries of RMI (minimum income pensioners): The social Centre works as a partner with enterprises, social workers and elected members of each town. They are supporting the Chaine Association which help people In difficulty to fit by work. The job and the formation centre of the Pays de Guer Community of Cities propose to you the same service.

Eldery and handicapped poeple


On the Country: the Elder's Platerfom

The information and coordination Platform for the elderly is a unique service provided for the elderly and which is organized that you may find around the area where you live. The purpose is to help the elderly and families (services, financial helps to have access to these services). They are supported by Associations for the elderly organized by the "Communautés de Communes". Go to the Association for the Ederly of de l'Oust à Brocéliande communauté.

Improving the coordination between all the staff and members will enable faster services in case of downgrading of the elderly health problems who need the most various helps.

The Information and coordination Platform for the elderly also carries out any actions aiming at prevention of malnutrition and denutrition, prevention of falling down, or home accidents by improving homes and living conditions, and helping the elderly and their families by psychological support

Structures adapted to each situation

Structures of catches or lodgings (hearth housing...) are on the Land. Of same, services in residence (care, meals, ...) exist close to your premise. If you want to know how to join these services, call the Platform or Association for the Elderly.


Health and security


For a temporary stay

The insured person keeps his/her home in his/her home country and the address in France is only temporary (3 months at the most).
Before leaving your home country, you must ask for form E111 at your Social Security Office. This form enables for reimbursement of any emergency medical expenses while in France. The reimbursement is made by the Social Security Centre (CRAM.).

Changing address while keeping the same rights

For for working people, early retired workers and people working abroad: form E106 is provided by the National Social Security before leaving. This form will ensure that medical care will be reimbursed and not only in case of emergency. The insured party receives a certificate showing his/her right and a registration number. When the deadline expires! The insured party must ask for extension of the insurance.

Change of address for a pensioner

The insured party entitled to an English pension owns a permanent home in France.
Form E121 is given by the Social Security Office, the insured must attach a birth certificate and a bank account number.
The pensioner receives the reimbursement of any medical expenses from the Health insurance Social Security.


Everything for Toddlers


Maternal assistants relay and collective guard of young children.

There are two possibilities for toddlers and young children to be cared for In Pays de Ploërmel-Coeur de Bretagne. Please refer to Assistantes Maternelles (Children careers) who are ready to provide assistance and give Information for the best suitable way to help you finding suitable careers for children under three.

Crèches (full-time children under three careers) and Haltes-garderies (short-time children careers) are run on a complete different basis. You will get information when applying there.

Contact RAM or Multi accueil


Scolar organization


In France, school is obligatory between the age of 6 and 16 However, 2-years old children can attend nursery school where teachers can propose a range of activities which foster stimulation of children; they may start some reading and writing.

When children are 6 years old, they go to primary school. Levels are organized as follows :

  • Preparatory class CP
  • Elementary class 1st CE1
  • Elementary class 2nd CE2
  • Middle class 1st CM1
  • Middle class 2nd CM2

After primary school, children attend secondary school for 4 years (6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd)
At the end of these 4 years, children take an exam called the secondary school certificate. After secondary school, children can attend secondary school or college.

Your child will attend public school (which is free of charge) according to the place where you live. Depending on your place of residence, you will be directed to a specific school.

Should you decide to register your child in a Private High School (where you have to pay for fees), you are free to select the one you want.

Youth information centers can also help you to find any specific information and provide you with help and leaflets for professional training and possible colleges and universities. To find out the nearest Youth Information Centre (PlO or PIJ), please contact : Le Centre d'Information et d'Orientation and services provided by the Community of Cities

School buses are also available and the organization depends on a Department service of the Community of cities.

Vie pratique transports scolaires